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Tech Tips: Make it easy for your customers to connect

Tech Tips help you improve your customers’ experience and make your job easier.

Today's tip is simple:

Use Calling Card. It's a feature you and your customers will love.

What is Calling Card?

Calling Card gives customers a fast track to your support organization. Customers experience it as a desktop shortcut that they click to launch a branded applet that puts them in touch with folks who can help them. In a way, it's that simple.

Why Calling Card should become your new best friend:

  • It offers an easy, one-click, no-download connection
  • You can brand it – Make it a tool to promote brand awareness
  • You can use it to push marketing messages or promotions

How to get started:

As a Rescue Administrator, you first generate installers and decide who can deploy them. You then have two ways to get the Calling Card to your customers: either save the installer on a network for manual distribution, or have technicians push the installers to customers through the Technician Console. On the customer side, it can be as simple as clicking a shortcut and filling out a quick form (customized by you, naturally). For step-by-step guidance on setting up Calling Card, visit help.LogMeIn.com.

Setup Calling Card

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