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We have reached a point in time where support and service involves much more than just supporting PCs and connected devices. Rescue LENS bridges the gap and allows you to get eyes on any device that requires support by utilizing the end user’s smart phone camera (iOS and Android) to provide a high quality, live video feed directly to the Rescue Technician Console.

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Benefits of LENS:

  • Allows technicians to support non-internet connected devices which can be anything from printers to motorcycles (we’ve done both!)
  • Very simple connection process that Rescue users are familiar with today
  • “Smart whiteboarding” means that annotations stick on what you circle, even if the end user moves the camera

Example use cases for Rescue Lens:

  • Point-of-sale hardware support
  • Device set-up and provisioning
  • Wiring connectors or hardware upgrades
  • Warranty or Claims validation
  • Part identification

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