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[On-demand Webinar] Seamless Support Using Integrations

When customers contact your support center, they're looking for help, and want their problem resolved in the fastest and simplest way possible. On the other end of the line is your support team, which may have several different applications and windows open. Your technicians are solving multiple problems simultaneously- reducing the need to toggle between various systems can help increase efficiency and reduce resolution times.

So how can you make connecting to customers more convenient while saving time for your teams?

View our Rescue Integrations webinar where we discuss:

  • Where integrations fit into your support strategy
  • How to offer a more streamlined and efficient remote support experience
  • Rescue’s integration options and live demo showing how to get started


  • Ian Morrison, Customer Success Manager, Rescue by LogMeIn
  • Sam Armstrong, Customer Success Manager, Rescue by LogMeIn

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